We can help your 5-year-old son, your 105-year-old grandma or any age in between. We are a team of real and regular folks – who you can relate to, because honestly — we’ve probably had similar experiences as you.

We help you deal with issues like trauma, depression and anxiety, because those are the things that get in the way of you and your family living a great life.

Our ApProach

We sprinkle humor, art, pop culture, and music into your treatment, making it easier to talk about the struggles caused by mental health, parenting, and relationship problems. We also use “Evidence-based Practices” — therapy techniques that have been researched and proven to be effective.


We treat you with care, compassion and respect. Our treatment style focuses on your strengths and leverages them to help you resolve life’s struggles. We provide a warm and inviting space, so you feel comfortable kicking off your shoes, getting comfy on the couch and sharing the most vulnerable parts of yourself. So, you can smooth out the bumps in the road the stand between you and happiness.

We Take care

Our Mission

To provide exceptional, relatable, culturally inclusive mental health services that foster healthy lives and relationships.

Clinical Supervision
& Training Program

We take an ‘edutaining’ and holistic approach to clinical supervision and training. When providers are emotionally healthy, confident and calm, they provide the best client care, are more likely to meet production requirements and turnover rates decline.

Our program focuses on: using creative interventions in community settings, law and ethics, strategies to connect with clients of different cultures, crisis management, and writing billable notes for nontraditional treatment approaches. Additionally, we weave in curriculum to promote introspection, self-care and self-compassion. This paves the way for providers to discover the sweet spot between self-care and providing excellent client care.