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Your once peaceful home has become a warzone.

The constant chaos of power struggles and meltdowns are wearing you down.

The battle begins during dinner, through bath time, and there’s no end in sight.

Your youngest completely spoiled your mother’s birthday by screaming for another cupcake.

Crying marathons are exhausting – for your child and you.

Their behavior at school is becoming a problem.

Your doorbell rings unexpectedly. Your son’s play date is over 10 minutes after it began.

He hit your neighbor’s daughter and left a bruise. Embarrassment washes over you like a tidal wave.

You’ve skipped washing your daughter’s hair for the last two weeks because you can’t stomach the fight.

It fills you with shame, and her teachers probably think she’s being raised by wolves.

Bad behavior doesn’t make you a bad parent.

The good news is you’re not alone, and you’re not a lousy parent. You just need some support.

At my practice, I take a science-based approach that incorporates Triple P Positive Parenting techniques.

This is a tiered system of interventions offering five levels of increasing strength.

This ensures that you and your child receive the right amount of help based on your needs.

Enjoy your relationship with your child.

Using a fun and interactive combination of Art, Games, and Videos, your child will learn to

  • Communicate their needs effectively.
  • Regulate their emotions.
  • Self-soothe using breath tools.
  • Develop prosocial behaviors.
  • Increase their confidence.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

Giving your child these tools of expression allows disruptive behaviors to dissipate.

Enjoy a deep emotional connection with your child again.

I’ve helped countless children and families.

Therapy with me is a nourishing space where a kid can be a kid.

Collaboratively, we’ll create goals and map out a plan to meet your child’s unique needs.

Let’s make those BIG feelings manageable and make school and home life peaceful again.

It’s time to sidestep and diffuse the tantrums while reinforcing good behavior.

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