Have you heard about the 1:5 formula? It means for every negative interaction (eye roll) there needs to be at least FIVE positive ones (heartfelt kiss) in order to have a happy relationship. (Source: John Gottman)

If you’re like most couples, you can use a few tips like these. Because your relationship has been ‘off’ for a while.

Does any of this sound familiar?
You discover she’s been in touch with an ex. She apologizes — swears she’ll never do it again. But 3 months later you’re talking about it — again.

You’ve explained how exhausted you are — you need help. Working 9 hours, coming home to hungry children and a messy house isn’t sustainable. You talk, he says he understands. But he hasn’t lifted a finger to help.

If this does sound familiar, you’re in the right place. We help couples with these, and other relationship problems. We’ll help you foster respect and closeness, so you develop a deeper connection. You’ll break through conflict gridlock and learn to keep conversations about problems calm.