You love your partner, but you just can’t see eye-to-eye. Sometimes you have quick disagreements and move on. But other times —  you fight; you say hurtful things that you wish you could take back.

Afterwards, you don’t talk to each other for days. It affects your kids, and that’s the last thing you want. What’s frustrating is you argue about the same few things; you like to spend, he likes to save. He wants sexy time — you want to sleep. He believes in spanking; you don’t want to hit your kids. You wish there were a way for her to really understand your point of view, because if she did — if she really got it — things would be better.

Our Couples Workshops are what you need.  They’re based on Gottman’s Sound Relationship House Theory. We introduce you to the nine parts of a healthy relationship and teach you how to use them with your partner.

Don’t think your partner will come? No problem. Studies show if you learn new skills, the relationship still improves. Besides, we’ll give lots of handouts for you to share. Click below to get your relationship back on track.


You feel worn out most of the time. It seems like other parents have it together. Their homes are spotless, they make perfect home cooked meals, and their kids do homework and chores without being asked. Believe me, that’s NOT true. That’s just mommy guilt playing tricks on you. You struggle with tantrums, emotional breakdowns and bedtime battles. So do they. You’re not sure how to talk about sex, death, divorce. Neither are they.

The truth is most moms struggle with the same problems. Others may look like they have it all together. But they just handle parenting differently and we want to show you how. Our parenting workshop is based on a 5-step method designed by the Gottman Institute. We’ll show you tools and tricks to support your child through life’s ups and downs so hearing the word no, doesn’t lead to a meltdown.

When problems come up you’ll have a research-tested way to deal with them. It helps kids build emotional intelligence, confidence, and manage their behavior. And it helps you put the mommy guilt and overwhelm to rest.