Flora Harris


Uncontrollable negative thoughts just stink! Because negative thoughts cause negative feelings like sadness, fear and anxiety. And when those feelings are leading the way, having the productive, happy life with fulfilling relationships, the kind of life you deserve, is out of reach.

Let me guess – sometimes you know the right thing to say; you know that criticizing or yelling at your loved one is not going to make things better. But you just can’t help it and before you know it, you’ve said the wrong thing and you’re in a full blown yelling match. Then when it’s over, you know you should apologize, but your pride and anger get in the way.

Maybe it’s hard for you to believe you’re a valuable and worthy person. And because of it, you put your needs last. Other people in your life take advantage of you, and you let them because you don’t know how to set boundaries and let them know how you’re feeling. Then, when you try to put yourself first, people act like you’re doing something wrong. So you just deal with it and hold everything in and that feels awful!

Hi, I’m Flora.  Everyone needs a place to work through negative and confusing thoughts and tough relationships – a place to sort through them and figure out why their lives and relationships aren’t the way they dreamed they should be.

I help individuals and couples break through fears like anger and anxiety so they can stop being limited by negative thoughts and actions. I help them discover self-love, self-esteem and a life where negative thoughts and behavior don’t dominate and destroy happiness and joy.

Fun fact: Flora is an avid skier and races with her ski club.