Tiffany’s story of nature and healing.

Tiffany is a successful 36-year-old lawyer. She grew up in a home where children were seen and not heard.

Her father loved her. But he was scary, especially on the weekends when he would drink too much.

So she was quiet, invisible, and as perfect as possible to ensure she didn’t rock the boat.

Bringing childhood problems into adulthood.

Although Tiffany was a powerhouse at her law firm and in the courtroom, she was meek and mild with her fiancé and family.

She still found safety in silence and invisibility. She’d go along to get along.

Speaking up made her body seize. Her words would get trapped in her throat like popcorn kernels stuck between her teeth.

Talking is easier said than done.

Tiffany’s first three sessions were tough. She either didn’t have answers to her therapist’s questions, or she was so embarrassed that she couldn’t say them out loud.

Instead, she would gaze at her therapist, shrug her shoulders, and answer, “I don’t know.”

It wasn’t until her fourth session that Tiffany’s therapist suggested Nature Therapy. She hadn’t heard of it, but she trusted her therapist and gave it a try.

The healing power of nature.

Her therapist explained that Nature Therapy, also known as Eco-therapy, combines regular therapy practices, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, with activities in nature.

It works because nature chills out your nervous system, lowers your body’s stress chemicals, and increases the amount of feel-good chemicals your brain makes.

She assured her it was great for people who needed more time to get comfortable with talk therapy.

Bringing nature into treatment.

Tiffany’s therapist introduced her to the concept of walk-and-talks, where they’d meet for sessions in the park.

They practiced outdoor guided meditations and would close their eyes and talk about nature sounds. They also made an indoor herb garden, which Tiffany was thrilled about because now she had fresh basil to cook with. Having therapy outside made her feel relaxed and free.

Tiffany was excited about her progress. Her words began to dislodge from her throat, and talking became more fluid and natural. She learned that the silence she used to keep her safe from her father’s anger during childhood was now causing anxiety and relationship problems.

This approach worked for Tiffany, and it can work for you too.

Nature therapy and traditional therapy are an effective combination.

It teaches you to soothe the tidal waves of sadness that keep you isolated from family and friends and it frees you from anxiety, so you aren’t held hostage by fear and worry.

Let nature therapy help you put disruptive trauma memories and triggers in their place so they don’t wreak havoc on your life and relationships.

Stop burying your pain with silence.

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