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SO Past Trauma DOESN’T CRIPPLE Your Future

700961167​Trauma often starts at home.

Relationships filled with constant abuse, gaslighting, and instability are traumatizing. Trauma isn’t something you can just shake off and get over, because it shapes the way your brain and body work.

Experiencing and watching physical punishment steals your sense of safety and leads to a fear of physical affection and intimacy.

Being raised in a home where you were constantly bullied and left to fend for yourself destroys your self-confidence and the ability to trust others. You become hyper-independent as a means of protection, refusing to request or accept help from others, even when it means suffering through tough times alone.

1258018624Just living in this world can be painful.

It’s also easy to overlook everyday situations that lead to trauma.

Growing up in dangerous neighborhoods where you feared for your safety, being in a car accident, or surviving a disaster can all flick a trauma switch in your brain, leaving you jumpy, scared, and anxious.

And traumatic experiences from childhood don’t just disappear. Memories get stuck and follow you into adulthood. They influence your thoughts, fears, behavior, and especially your relationships.

532345165It’s difficult to escape your past.

Traumatic memories creep into your dreams, latching on to your thoughts and playing on a loop that you can’t escape.

Your mood and reactions are often at the whim of unknown triggers, reacting to scents, sounds, and places that make you relive horrible experiences.

These reactions leave you confused, embarrassed, and worried that they’ll happen again.

Let us help you recover from trauma.

At K&S, we use scientifically proven techniques like Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to soothe the pain caused by your past and help you experience happiness today.

We’ll teach you to regain power from triggers and fix the emotional and relationship problems plaguing your life.

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