Leverage Social-Media-Based Therapy

Aggravated and at her wit’s end.

Michelle*, a 36-year-old married mom of two, sat burdened by worry and frustration about her teen daughter’s recent behavior and attitude. If she heard one more “it’s whatever,” she would scream.

Her daughter Louise*, formerly an A-student, and her mom’s road dog on shopping trips and excursions, recently brought home a report card filled with Ds. This was unexpected, but Michelle wasn’t completely surprised since Louise had been increasingly withdrawn and irritable.

With a smile, she remembers when they were inseparable and called themselves “peanut butter and jelly”; now, they’re more like oil and water. 

It seems like she’s changing for the worse.

Michelle thinks the drop in Louise’s grades and attitude is because of negative online influences and social media use.

She’s constantly either tweeting, Tik-Tok-ing, or texting friends. She’s too preoccupied to study, clean her room, or have meaningful conversations with family.

As soon as she hears an alert on her phone, she sprints to her room and disappears for hours.

Taking a brave step to get help.

Michelle reached out to us to figure out what was happening with Louise and to help pry the phone out of her hands.

She was desperate for the return of the daughter who got good grades, helped around the house, and participated in family activities without epic eye rolls and pouts.

Meanwhile, Louise did not want a therapist and refused to go until Michelle eventually put her foot down and insisted.

Social media: the cause and the cure.

Social media is powerful and the preferred way for teens to stay connected to friends and society. It’s also an effective therapeutic tool to help alleviate problems caused by depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges.

When Michelle and Louise met with their therapist, he explained that he’d include social media-based tools in his work with Louise. Now, it was Michelle’s turn for epic eye rolls and pouts.

Suddenly, Louise lifted her head, her eyes fixed on her therapist, eager to hear more.

Social media to the rescue.

Trying to trick teens or prohibit them from being on social media just makes them want to do it more.

Instead, we incorporate social media into therapy.

This fosters connection, trust, and comfort. And teaches teens how to deal with the challenges they’ll face online.

During sessions, we’ll do things like:

  • Scroll and discuss damaging content that leads to body negativity, sadness, and low self-esteem.
  • Create videos that express self-love, self-worth, and authenticity.
  • Learn about algorithms and how apps are made to control and get you addicted.
  • ­Talk about social media traps, like comparing your real life to someone else’s highlight reel.

Support is just a click away.

Life is tough these days.

Let our compassionate therapists offer a safe place to address issues causing hiccups in your family life, whether from social media or poor communication.

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*Names and stories are composite narratives and do not reflect actual clients.