Are you worried that you may not know enough about theories and interventions to help your clients meet their goals? And — the interventions that you did learn in school don’t really resonate with the clients you serve.

I wonder if this rings a bell — you’re in a session, your client makes a statement and you’re like “I have no idea what to do or say next.” You wish you could phone a friend. But that seems a little unprofessional, so you wing it until the session is over.

Do the letters BBS make your eye twitch? 😉 I get it. Making heads or tails of BBS rules and documentation requirements can easily put you in a tailspin because — it’s just a LOT.

Do you fall in the paperwork procrastination trap? You know you need to complete your documentation, but the thought of doing it makes your head spin, so you put it off. And you keep putting it off until it’s been 2 weeks, you’ve seen 35 clients and you have ZERO notes completed.

Are you looking forward to the day when you find the right balance between seeing clients, completing your documentation and taking care of yourself? It can seem like that day will never come, believe me I’ve been there. So I can honestly say, the day is closer than you think. I can show you the way.

Hi, my name is Denise!

When I was an associate, I faced all of the issues above and then some. That’s what makes me so passionate about helping associate therapists like you. I’ll show you how to develop a bag of interventions that you can tweak and tailor to fit a variety of therapeutic situations.

I can also help you break down complicated interventions and topics like boundary setting and thought stopping so your clients understand and use the interventions you teach them when needed.

I’m dedicated to helping associates alleviate the stress that comes with the ‘administrative’ part of therapy by sharing time and organizational skills so all your paperwork will be up to date.

FUN FACT: You can find Denise binge watching reality TV.