Are you at the intersection of “I’ll never get this documentation in on time” and“ I don’t know if I’m cut out for this job?”

No matter how hard you try, you find yourself two weeks behind on your progress notes. Then, when you sit down to write, you aren’t sure how to make your session billable. You procrastinate until the anxiety of not getting your assessments done on time gives you a headache. You’ve got two treatment plans to create and one in the queue and can’t imagine how you’re going to finish them and meet production numbers.

Has it been so long that you’ve done laundry you’re down to your last pair of clean socks? You’ve been so emotionally exhausted that you haven’t cooked a healthy meal in weeks and the drive through cashier at your local McDonald’s has your name and order memorized.

Hi, I’m Kim. I help Associate and Licensed Therapists ditch stress, self-doubt and poor self-care – and embrace a new way of being a therapist by finding balance and joy in the career you worked so hard to have. I will help you discover ways to have space for the joy and satisfaction that comes with being a therapist – so you remember the reason you became a therapist in the first place.

FUN FACT: Kim sang background vocals for a popular sitcom that aired from 2000-2008.