Your heart is shattered because a teen or young adult that you love is “going through it?” You do your best to help, but everything you try makes them say “it’s whatever,” boil with anger, or cry and disappear in their room — lost to social media.

Maybe you have experienced something traumatic like abuse, the death of a loved one, bullying or a mass shooting. These experiences infiltrate your dreams and turn them into nightmares. They hijack your thoughts during the day, making it hard to concentrate and take care of your responsibilities.

You need a safe place to figure out why you have emotional tornadoes that make your friends and family duck and run for cover. You don’t blame them for running, at least not all the time. Because sometimes you scare yourself.

Being a human is hard and it hurts sometimes. I can help you soothe your pain.

As hard as you try, your feelings get the best of you and you end up making emotional decisions that you regret instead of making good decisions that you’re proud of.

Hi, I’m Sage! I work with teens and adults who have experienced trauma that steals their happiness and stirs up bad moods and behaviors.

I help you keep overwhelming feelings and behaviors in check so you can focus, enjoy happy relationships and feel comfortable in your skin.

FUN FACT: Sage loves to play soccer — LA Galaxy watch out!