Trauma is the gateway drug — not weed

 One of the major things that determine if someone becomes addicted to drugs is Trauma. For a long time people thought if someone smoked weed, they’d eventually need something stronger overtime to get the same effect. That’s why weed was called the ‘Gateway’ drug.

Don’t get me wrong, that can still happen. But there’s something else you need to focus on.

I’m about to nerd out — just bear with me. It’ll be worth it. 😉

There are these things called ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences’ aka ACEs.

ACEs are:


  • Physical (slapping, hitting, pushing).
  • Emotional (gas lighting, yelling, name calling, harsh criticism)
  • Sexual (exposure to sexual material like videos and pictures, rape and molestation)


  • Physical: (insufficient food, clothing and shelter)
  • Emotional (ignoring and dismissing feelings and emotional needs)


  • An incarcerated relative
  • A mother who was treated violently
  • Mental illness (untreated)
  • High Conflict Divorce
  • Substance abuse and addiction

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Folks who’ve experienced FOUR or more ACEs are 500% more likely to abuse alcohol. Yes — 500%!

Folks who have 5 or more ACEs are SEVEN to TEN times more likely to use hard drugs like cocaine and heroin.

Folks who have SIX or more ACEs are FORTY-SIX times more likely to be IV drug abusers than people who don’t have any.

So you see, while marijuana should definitely be discouraged. Your time and energy should also be spent safeguarding your children from traumatic experiences. And making sure they see a therapist to help them work through ACEs if they’ve had any.

Source: Children’s Mental Health Network

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